Welcome to the New UR Medicine | Golisano Children’s Hospital

Welcome to the New UR Medicine | Golisano Children’s Hospital

This new building basically, just knocks my socks off. When they come in the door they’re not gonna feel like
they’re in a hospital. When we built the
Children’s Hospital we were given free reign
to do what we thought was in the best interest of children. And so the form in this
Children’s Hospital followed the function that
we wanted to achieve. Kids are really going to
be in an environment that is designed for them. It’s a game changer. It brings us to the state of the art
for pediatric care. The things that are the most obvious are probably the private rooms. They all have windows
and they all have beautiful views and light coming in. And it’s also more quiet
just by the design. The imaging we have here
is par excellence. There’s nothing in the country
right now that I know of that can compete with
what we have here. PET-MR is the future
in oncologic imaging. The PET and the MR are
in the same machine. Worldwide there about
thirty of these machines. We are the first one
in a children’s hospital. Well I love the NICU. The fact that everyone of those babies will have their own special room. It’s literally the length of
a football field. It’s huge. A level four NICU like ours really provides the
highest level of services, orthopedic services, urologic services. our neurosurgical team. All of those services
are available here which can’t be said about
other NICU’s in the region. The surgical services here
run the gamut all of the specialties
that are involved in the care of
sick and injured children we provide here. And we do that at a high level. We do a lot of surgical intervention
for kids who have issues with the kidneys,
bladders, and ureters. We were the first people
outside of New York City in New York State to be able
to offer robotic surgery for children. We’ve been ranked among the
top pediatric orthopedic programs
in the country. We can really treat
virtually any complex problem that a child has within
pediatric orthopedics here. Pediatric hematology oncology,
we have our own private unit which is new. We’re the only provider
for a number of services in the region including inpatient
child psychiatry services. We have the only
adolescent partial hospital service outside of New York City
in New York State. Our bone marrow transplant program is probably the only one in
all of upstate New York that’s able to do some of the
transplants that we do. As pediatric GI,
we now have seven physicians to really be able to see any
patient that needs to on a daily basis. We’ve grown to a faculty
of thirteen child neurologists. Each one of us has an area of focus
where we’ve really gone
to do some additional training or develop some additional expertise
in a very focused area or very focused subspecialty
of child neurology. Pediatric neurosurgery, we offer all the services whether it’s treatment for
hydrocephalus, brain tumors, simple brain tumors or complex brain tumors
in difficult to get to areas. Any of the subspecialties
will answer questions if you have them. And you go through this page system and you know I wonder about
this blood pressure or I wonder about this rash. One of the things we offer
is just ourselves, that we are always available. If they need us to see a child promptly we will be there to do that. Anytime a day, anytime a night, pick up the phone if you
need us to get one of your kids. If you need us to support you
that we’re here and we’re just on the
other end of the phone. Our mission is to take care
of children and their families in their time of often
overwhelming need. We’ll take good care of them. We’ll take good care of your kids.

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  1. What's the 2nd floor used for? I don't see any buttons for 2nd floor on the elevator or any info on any pamphlet about the 2nd floor. Is this a conspiracy, should I be worried, is this the floor where they are creating genetically engineered AI children?

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