What is Schizophrenia?

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a term that is well recognized in psychology and mental health but not well understood Schizophrenia has many misconceptions, that include violent and aggressive split personalities and unpredictable behaviors But what is schizophrenia really? What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? And what do people with schizophrenia actually experience? This video is brought to you by get psyched a youtube channel that looks at all topics in psychology and mental health Check out one of their most recent videos here on how to develop your self-esteem Check out the link in the description and go subscribe to their awesome channel The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual also known as the DSM is the manual used by psychologists and psychiatrists to diagnose psychiatric illnesses to meet the DSM criteria For schizophrenia a person needs to experience two or more of the following for at least one month Delusions, hallucinations ,disorganized speech, chaotic behavior, and any form of negative symptoms Types of symptoms there are two types of symptoms with schizophrenia Positive and negative positive symptoms refer to things that occurred due to schizophrenia And negative symptoms refer to things that are taken away from an individual due to schizophrenia Positive symptoms Positive symptoms are when someone with schizophrenia Experiences a change in behavior. They may have difficulties in telling what is real and what is not real They may also experience exaggerated ideas perceptions or actions negative symptoms Negative symptoms can include a withdraw or lack of effective functions these symptoms usually appear very early on before any formal diagnosis of schizophrenia They appear gradually and often get worse at times these negative symptoms can be hard to identify and are evident Only after a diagnosis is recognized as a result These symptoms can often lead to confusion with initial diagnosis as it can often result in people being diagnosed with something else before schizophrenia delusions Delusions are an example of positive symptoms and consist of false beliefs not based on reality They might include thoughts of being harmed or being under threat They may also include thoughts or belief systems that seem odd to other people and can easily be disproved For example, someone might believe that people are trying to brainwash them through their TV or that the FBI is following them hallucinations Hallucinations is another example of a positive symptom where people see Hear, feel or smell things that are not there such as hearing voices Different forms of hallucinations include audio where voices can appear comforting supportive or harmful and saddening Seeing where someone might see lights objects of people that are not there smells where people might smell things good or bad that are not there and Feel which can be a wide range of things but ultimately means that people at times feel that something is under their skin Disorganized thinking and speaking This is where someone can experience impaired effective communication where people might have difficulty in following along with their Conversation or they might have difficulty following other people’s conversations They may also have difficulty in making sense when speaking to others this disorganized thinking and speaking patterns are often a result of cognitive distortions brought about by schizophrenia Disorganize an abnormal motor behavior. This is where motor behavior can change in dramatic ways and on a variety of levels Someone might present with very childlike silly behavior to unpredictable agitation People can appear jumpy and on edge and can also have difficulties in organizing and understanding their thoughts Now on to negative symptoms loss of interest in things This negative symptom might include the loss of interest in things that a person once enjoyed such as sex relationships leisure activities or social events lack of concentration This may include a lack of concentration at work or in social settings people may become reluctant to work or feel Incapable of completing basic tasks due to this impairment with concentration social phobia Social phobia might include someone not wanting to speak to people being uneasy or uncomfortable in social Situations or being difficult in initiating conversations. It can even result in a person not wanting to leave their house Changes in sleep patterns This can be a combination of many changes in sleep patterns It could include someone sleeping more than normal sleeping less or having extreme Irregularities to their sleeping patterns such as sleeping during the day and unable to sleep at night in summary Schizophrenia can include many different symptoms some harder to identify than others Positive and negative symptoms include the presence and absence of symptoms all of which make up a diagnosis of schizophrenia If you feel that you or someone, you know may be exhibiting some of the symptoms of schizophrenia Then be sure to go and see your doctor to seek medical advice first speaking to a therapist is also highly beneficial Don’t forget to go and check out and subscribe to get psyched who brought us this video Also, if you like this video or thought it was helpful, be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe Thanks for watching

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  2. I have schizophrenia, I tick all those boxes. im hoping jesus will heal me of it when im 30, im 25 atm. thanks for the video.

  3. Will you please do ADHD and ODD and the impact on the siblings of children with this?
    My brother has both and it’s really difficult and I would like others to know that they aren’t alone if they have siblings with these.

  4. You see, for me, I am pretty sure I unconsciously suspected I had schizophrenia some years ago. Looking back at how I reported symptoms to experts, I realize I seemed to omit certain ones I believed would lead to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Hallucinations, though a little uncommon for me, they occur(though usually under certain circumstances. I get visual and feeling hallucinations. Visual usually occur in my peripheral vision though, usually a shape of something horrifying one would see in a horror movie.). I do know a frequent delusion I have(though is not 24/7) is I could swear people hear my thoughts when I'm in public, and I'm normally a cynic, but I'm not sure if and when I end up going from normal cynicism to a paranoid type of cynicism Then I have schizophrenia running in the family. These facts are ones I omitted from experts. I still do not have a diagnosis of schizophrenia(I got diagnoses for Social Anxiety, later revised to general anxiety disorder, Major Depressive disorder, and Dissociative disorder, not otherwise specified). Thing is, DDNOS, MDD, and GAD, all pretty much share symptoms with schizophrenia. MDD and GAD, especially for prodromal schizophrenia(the part where negative symptoms appear first).

    Within a couple of weeks, I plan on seeing a brand new psychiatrist with no records of my medical history previously, and I'm going to do my best to report all I should have done before. I suspect an outcome of revising my previous diagnoses, possibly to be on a schizophrenic spectrum. And yeah, I know the danger in diagnosing oneself, especially since I study cognitive science, especially psychology formally myself.

    Anyways, to go back to what I said in the first few sentences above, another reason I suspect I may have thought I was developing it, is once I came to accept the idea that it's possible I have it(I was refusing it, and if anything, I was purposely trying to get other diagnoses), I suppose you'd say it was a sort of metaphysical crisis I experienced, and I realized there couldn't have been another reason why I failed to report such symptoms of hallucination, delusion, and schizophrenia in the family, years ago. I remembered that I would consciously figure a way to reject it and get another diagnosis. It was one of my biggest fears to develop schizophrenia, so in a way, I tried to make it not happen and wouldn't consider the idea.

  5. I might have this,but not all,just 2. My counselor knows that I don't have it,but it might be because I haven't told her about how I feel and see different characters and can hear my own voice be violent or mean. I might need to tell her.

  6. ugh, my mom seems to fit the tee. she says that there's a homeless man that microchipped her, and has her on voyeur-sites, and that he's the leader of a child sex-trafficking ring. He can "see and hear everything" that she does, and that he wants to kidnap her and torture her to death.

    its been like 5+ years, and she receives mail, drives a car… you'd think that if he was going to kidnap her, he would have done it by now with all the information she says he has.

  7. My biological mom is schizophrenic, and she used to tell me and my brother crazy things about people. One of the things she used to tell us was my dad was tryna poison her.

  8. So all of the government in Washington D.C… ? Lol… (sorry I went there… it actually is a legit question though…)

  9. After watching almost the entire video, I thought that I have SCHIZOPHRENIA (did I spelled it right?) and yes, I have no interest of seeking a doctor.

  10. All mental health problems usually will have autism at the core and many symptoms will be shared along other conditions or disorder. Many doctors can only treat problems with drugs but its like putting a band-aid on a severed appendage, first the core of the autism has to be understandable to get to the other conditions.

  11. What if you only have one of the symptoms? Or I guess like, one and a half..? I don't have delusions or vivid hallucinations or any of the "negative" symptoms (unless social anxiety counts as one), but I often feel like people are touching me even if I'm in a room by myself (example: I'll be sitting in bed and it feels like a person is putting their hand on my head) and sometimes I'll imagine something an react to it (example: I was in the shower once and i was trying not to think about anything creepy, but then I accidentally imagined momo (the weird creepypasta thing) drawing back the curtains and staring at me and I jumped like a foot in the air because of how vividly I imagined it) is that normal? most people say I just have an "overactive imagination"

  12. Schizophrenic here just want to remind everyone to break the stigma. We aren't evil, we don't want to hurt anyone. We have lots of love to give 💕

  13. Thank you for covering this.
    Ps. I would like it if you cover schizoaffective disorder. I was recently diagnosed with it and its hard to explain to people, sometimes my family, what I go through on a daily basis.

  14. Omg i needed this. I habe auditory hallucinations and it makes me suividal to the poimt i wanna shoot myself

  15. Apparently if you have a hard time trusting others because you were taught to scrutinize others and you have a history of depression, you can get diagnosed as schizophrenic even though you may not be schizophrenic. I didn't know for years that I was diagnosed as a schizophrenic until I downloaded my medical file.

  16. You know some mental illness's like GAD (obviously not Schizophrenia, which is legit) are literally marketing terms..
    literally companies saying "we need to invent an illness to make a drug or supplement for".

  17. My gorgeous boyfriend has schizophrenia, and it is so, so stigmatised. People can be truly disgusting with the way they decide to talk about it and I’m glad more awareness is being spread about it.

  18. To much drugs will do this after time its so sad to see someone go thru this when you knew this person before the drugs and have to keep i praying for God to intercede

  19. – "My neighbour is controling my thinking via the wall electrical sockets. I can tell because my heaters and stove snap and crackle occaisonally …" –

    A comment of a customer in the days i worked as an electrician.

  20. I need help I’ve been in a relationship with a girl for a while now and she’s told me that she was raped when she was eight and it was disgusting what happened to her and I just dont know how to help her how do I help her feel happy again it’s effected me and just made me insanely sad I just want to help her but I don’t know how so please if anyone can help help me please email me at [email protected] I just need some advice on how to help her and I don’t know where else to go so I I’ve come here because this channel has helped me a lot thank you to people who read this I just want to fix someone’s life so they can live it to the fullest and not be sad all day everyday

  21. My mum is schizophrenic, so this video was really helpful to get a better grasp of what it’s like for her. Plus, the visual representations made it easier to follow along!
    Thank you! <3

  22. Watch the new joker movie with the things in this video in mind. It'll change your perception about what's happening in the film.

  23. I only have a hard time being understood and understanding others. My brother once picked up on people insulting me when I didn’t notice. Also my sleep pattern is irratic. And moods.

  24. My father has this but he does not accept it and dooe not want to go to dr. He thinks we work for an organization that Wants to kill him and therefore he thinks we are lying when we say you are ill… it’s very very sad

  25. Schizophrenia ….Psychotic disorder in which patient suffers from hallucinations ….delusions ……Freud said it results from faulty habits ..

  26. My mother is worried that I might have schizophrenia, after watching this video Im actually really worried that she might be roght

  27. My brain does things out of my control. One thing it does is that when im doing something and everything is silent, it phase out and make a voice of someone i know calling my name. It's so loud and real that i even thought someone is actually calling me, i sometimes almost answered back. But then eventually realize that it's just my brain playibg tricks on me.

    Am i the only one??

  28. I have schizophrenia- trust me it's not fun-

    The the hallucinations were probably the worst part especially when they can sometimes sound as your loved ones, what's usually the voices say some pretty negative things and when they're imitating someone you know it's kind of scary when you see them the next time- and it's especially scary when you're questioning if that person is a hallucination or not. There's also many things that can trigger my schizophrenia to get worse such as Windows because I'll see a lot of stuff within the windows- or when someone's laughing I assume its about me and I become paranoid that people are out to get me. Now I don't watch TV so i can't relate to the TV factor.

    As for the cringy 9 year old that say "i want schizophrenia" or "i have schizophrenia" i would like them to try haven't it for a day.

  29. Whatever. My brother has it and it was like depressions and obsessions most of the time. No differences. I was depressed too.

    After some like 6 years we got the proper help and he found a suitable medication setup for himself. Now it's been 3 years ago i guess.

    For me, it felt like he is more vulnerable to loose himself in his own thoughts than others. Not just daydreaming stuff, we both tend to do it a lot. I mean he's prone to mix it all up and then looses definitions and meanings of everything up to a point, where speech and consciousness quit their jobs for him and only fear and delusion were left (things you can still see in their eyes, if they are lost that way).

    I saw him more than one time in such episodes, where he was just able to repeat what others were saying or he claimed, that i was the devil in person and was constantly reciting parts of the bible to calm himself somehow. It's horrible to see, that his mind can do that to himself, if let alone.

    And that we all could end up the same way, if we wanted to. It needs just enough fear to do so, because what everyone sees about schizophrenia might be how individuals treat their intense stress, but not what went wrong inside of them until it looks like that.

    Sure, can be an imbalance of brain chemicals. Can be fixed somehow, but it can't be fixed, how he learned to think about himself and his surroundings. Not the multiple traumas nor the thoughts and memories which were left in a chaotic state.

  30. When you were taking about the disorganized thinking and speaking I started crying and forgot what you were talking about and I had to rewind it. That happens all the time. Please help me.

  31. Schizophrenia is the majority religious people. Talking to a being that is from another dimension. Blaming evil spirit and Satan for thier misfortune. Talking Jesus or Satan coming to them. they sound crazy 😂

  32. Listening to this makes me crazy. Victim blaming with no coverage of the larger social systems that frame these individuals as ill.

  33. Oh darn I need to see my therapist now before this stresses me out

    No I’m not twelve I just see most of these symptoms in my life hopefully I don’t got it tho

  34. I watch the video, it’s wholesome allright, but when I try to picture how it would actually be like, it has to be one of the fucking scariest mental health problems oneself can go through. You can handle drepression as a mood (sometimes), and mania isn’t that shitty when it’s not hyper it actually helps out… But schizophrenia just sounds like a nonstop torture you can’t escape by any conventional means, it sounds like hell on earth.

  35. I got the positive of schizophrenia
    Why u ask cuz recently i was smelling cigarette while my mom did not smell anything and i got hallucination too but i only see black thing that appear and When i try to see what it is. It disappear and i get scared of that so i consider them About BAD symptome

  36. a message to all targetted individuals that people dont want to tell you: dont listen to these fools, you are not crazy you do not have a mental illness in fact it is the assholeciation of psychiatry who has mental illness they are the ones gangstalking you and deceiving the mass public that people who voice up being gangstalked have schizophrenia or some bullshit. this is why they do not listen to you and ignore or refuse to look at the evidence you have because normal people see evidence but they the idiot psychiatrist, psychologist and psychiatric staff are mentally ill. this is their mental illness to manipulate the whole world and control them to make people evil and dull.

    u the target individual are a brilliant and amazing person dont listen to these fools they are stupid who replaced their brains with shit.

  37. How can it be called for posiutive symptom something which occurs due to schizophrenia, (negative something which is taken away)?!

    Sounds like someone tries to sound as a competent doctor?!

  38. Sometimes i feel like something is inside my body scratching my skin and feels so uncomfortable when i'm at school or a public place.

  39. It is caused by prolonged, varied and horrific abuses/abandonment/ridicule/torture/ neglect by family and other contacts such as housekeepers and/or babysitters. Inherited or acquired viruses lodged in the brain may be another factor.

  40. So tv isn’t use to brain wash us? Let me refresh my question, so tv isn’t use to persuade us? So tv is used to entertainment. I’ve been an schizophrenic fool!!

  41. the animation in this video was really nice. I like it whenever you all do videos surrounding certain mental disorders, they really fascinate me!*

  42. I have that disorganized thinking and talking . Sometimes its hard explaining my thoughts so when i express i sometimes create words . When i talk my tongue plays with my words adding rrrr , sss , zzz , iii , etc. at the end of words or sometimes i change its vowel and consonant but i dont hallucinate or hear stuffs duh daz weird eerrr

  43. Hello cam someone please answer my question I keep hearing things I might like whispers it gets so bad that i have to sleep with music on to drain out the whispers I keep hearing and I only hear them at night when its completly dark if the lights are on then i won't hear them or their won't be as loud as they are and I keep seeing things move around my room but its all fuzzy and weird like one time I thought I saw a snake silver through my room but it was 100% could not be a snake because I live in England I have experience theses things for 6 years but haven't told anyone and o thought everyone went through the things when I was younger but now when I'm in highscool I can't sleep on tome I have to go to bed at 3am then wake up a 6am or ill hear the voices their so annoying and freak me out I don't want to hear what they are saying in case they say something evil please help me

  44. My dad and my childhood best friend are both schizophrenic. In very extreme ways. (They think they hear, see and smell certain things) My friend takes meds but my dad doesn’t and he recently got diagnosed. I knew something was mentally wrong and this video proved me right. I have a feeling I might have it or something related to it. I maladaptive daydream a lot and I’m fearful of my future as an older adult and senior citizen (if I even make it that far in life) the new animation looks great btw!

  45. A friend of mine got diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia and I was one of the first people to experience the harsher symptoms first hand but over Skype. This video made me curious what’s the difference between paranoid and normal schizophrenia? Great video either way can’t wait to hear more!

  46. I've been dealing with it for many years. I work on my art everyday, and find it better therapy than going to the psychiatrist. 🙂

  47. finally! a video that explains it well. 😀 i've been trying to understand schizophrenia for awhile now so this was pretty helpful 🙂

  48. This is such a nice and well explained video! I've been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for almost three years now. And it is always hard to explain to people what schizophrenia really is. Since there also is a stigma around schizophrenia which sometimes makes it hard to tell people what it really is. Thank you Psych2Go for this incredible video!

  49. I have a positive symptom of that its disorganized and abnormal motor behavior but less jumpy..no wait i think im just hyperactive

  50. The voices in my head are telling me to cosume more delicious hamburgers

    What are the voices in your head saying????

  51. Sometimes I experience wired thoughts that force themselves in my mind. They depict an odd reality where I hurt people I love, like friends and family. Sometimes it can go weeks without a single one of these thoughts and sometimes they happen many times a day. I don’t know what the thoughts mean because I would never do those kinds of things. I am just wondering if that maybe means I have schizophrenia or something else. I do experience all of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia described in this video other than social phobia.

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