18 thoughts on “What is your Dentist not telling you?

  1. Are there any drawbacks to sealants besides the extra cost? Are sealants permanent and do they drill into your teeth to make narrow tunnels for the sealant to fill into? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the info about that mouthwash. An oral surgeon prescribed it for me and now I'm freaking out about these side effects. I do not want my taste buds affected, etc., and I am very upset. I guess I'll try to get something else but now it's the weekend. It's been about 3 days and he said to use it for a week. I don't know if he thinks that I have gingivitis or if it's to protect against infection because, sadly, I had to have a molar extracted. I asked him to call me Friday but they had the wrong phone number for me and I missed the call. It is impossible to get hold of this guy unless I say it's an emergency which it isn't and they'll be furious at me. Well, thanks again for that info. (Incidentally, though, chlorhexidine is not an antibiotic but an antimicrobial.)

  3. My dentist give me crest toothpaste but when I see the ingredient and I found chemical that dry my mouth

  4. If your dentist gives you a deep cleaning then recommends you take a course of antibiotics and the chlorohexidine as well is it important to take the rinse or are the antibiotics more important?

  5. REALLY SCUMMY COMPANY. There tv commercials are disgusting. i will never buy any of there products. if i see any friends using it i will persuade them never to use again.

  6. Chlorohexidine is essential in case of gum problems. You dont need to continue it for a long time but you need to start it if prescribed because it's one of the few antiseptics that really helps. Use a bottle (400ml) then switch to a regular mouthwash (I use meridol. Its european so its kinda hard to find in the states but its very good). So no chd doesnt taste bad, it does leave a bad taste but it goes away. In my experience I would also recommend a water flosser since it is kinda different than a regular flosser and it helps a lot. It doesnt cost a lot (around $70). Good luck.

  7. I got a crown and I've been having pain for the last month and is not going away. I was told by a friend to try this. Does this really help get rid of the pain?

  8. Is clhorixidine an antibiotic? I use it only at night because i dont want to get stains, but the label says i should use it twice a day … please help

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