What The Critics Are Saying About Doctor Sleep

What The Critics Are Saying About Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is apparently a cinematic awakening. After attending an exclusive screening for
the latest Stephen King adaptation ahead of its November release, critics have flooded
Twitter with their thoughts on Doctor Sleep. So far, reactions are extraordinarily positive. A sequel to King’s seminal novel The Shining,
which was itself adapted into a classic film by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, director Mike
Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep follows an adult Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor. The grown up Danny is revealed to still be
haunted by his childhood ability known as the “shining,” which induces visions and other
psychic happenings. Though he desperately wants to live a normal
life and establish some sort of peace for himself, Danny is still traumatized by what
happened to him as a child at The Shining’s haunted Overlook Hotel. Things only get more complicated when he meets
children who share his special gift, namely a girl named Abra, who asks for Danny’s protection
against cult leader Rose the Hat, and her underlings. His fears have never been greater, but Danny
knows he must do everything in his power to protect Abra and other children with the “shine”
from forces of evil. “I only met two or three people like us. They died.” Before we get to how the critics feel about
Doctor Sleep, we should reveal what the most important reviewer has to say. Stephen King himself took to Twitter to share
his unfiltered feelings toward Doctor Sleep and his reaction was totally positive. Praising the big-screen adaptation of his
2013 novel, King called Doctor Sleep an immersive experience, and commended director Flanagan
for his storytelling skills. King tweeted: “DOCTOR SLEEP: Mike Flanagan is a talented
director, but he’s also an excellent storyteller. The movie is a good thing. You’ll like this if you liked THE SHINING,
but you’ll also like it if you liked SHAWSHANK.” King is no stranger to adaptations of his
work, but this is high praise coming from the author, who famously disliked Kubrick’s
take on The Shining. In fact, King infamously compared the film
which he called “cold” to a, quote, “big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside it.” Now, onto the critics who have no personal
stake in the worlds of The Shining and its successor Doctor Sleep. The Daily Dead News’ Heather Wixson had nothing
but praise for Doctor Sleep, tweeting: “It’s been a great [year] for Stephen King
adaptations but I think DoctorSleep is the best of the bunch. Thrilled me in ways I wasn’t expecting, made
me emotional at times & Rebecca Ferguson is ferocious. What a wonderful celebration of Kubrick, King
& [Flanagan’s] career as well.” CinemaBlend’s senior film critic Eric Eisenberg
was also all in on Doctor Sleep which is saying something considering he’s a self-proclaimed
Shining fanatic, King diehard, and Mike Flanagan enthusiast. Eisenberg tweeted: “As a huge fan of Kubrick’s The Shining, King’s
books & Mike Flanagan, I’m giddy that Doctor Sleep is seriously GREAT. It’s an excellent & faithful adaptation that
makes smart changes especially melding the ’80 film & the sequel book and the casting/performances
are phenomenal.” Jacob Hall, managing editor at Slashfilm,
also adored the movie. He wrote in a tweet: “DOCTOR SLEEP: The boldest choice here is
that Mike Flanagan doesn’t even try to do Kubrick. He makes a Mike Flanagan movie: spooky, emotional,
ultimately optimistic. Not only a sequel to THE SHINING, but a response
to it, an attempt to reconcile King and Kubrick. Loved it.” The performances in Doctor Sleep are also
highlighted by critics, including ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis. He tweeted: “Fans of TheShining are really gonna love
DoctorSleep. It’s at its best when [it’s] fueled by follow-up. Starts slowly and descends into madness, just
like its predecessor. One specific scene is really horrifying, some
solid scares, and good performances across the board.” Though the vast majority of critics can’t
say enough good things about Doctor Sleep, one didn’t feel completely blown away by it. Yes, I Do Love Movies! creator John Duarte
admitted in a tweet that he was a bit underwhelmed by the film. He tweeted: “DoctorSleep is a good movie but didn’t WOW
me like writer/director Mike Flanagan’s previous work.” Overall, though, it looks like fans of Stephen
King’s novel and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining need not worry: Flanagan, his cast, and his
crew have apparently created a sequel that does justice to both its source material and
its cinematic predecessor. Doctor Sleep arrives in theaters on November
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61 thoughts on “What The Critics Are Saying About Doctor Sleep

  1. The Shining was one of the best movies ever. So know it is so far good with critics make me have a lot of hope and I’m so excited for this. But It will always be second to Shining.

  2. I read this story a while ago and am excited to see the movie now! I’m a big fan of Steven King’s books and own a lot of the hard covered books!! I love King and have read a lot of his books!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. I would've actually liked it if Mike Flanagan tried to do it in the Kubrick style to go with the original movie.

  4. It’s staggering to think that after sci fi (2001, A Space Odyssey), social commentary (A Clockwork Orange) and period cinema (Barry Lyndon) of the highest order Kubrick then created a horror masterpiece. We had a group over my house for a Shining watch party, and most agreed it was BETTER than we remembered. We are seeing Doctor Sleep 11/8, and cannot wait.

  5. I'm really hoping that they don't throw a young CGI Jack Nicholson at us, but it seems like it's going to be unavoidable.

  6. If the critics loved it , it is probably dogshit. They probably changed the book into a teenage gender fluidity spiritual awakening or something. King's opinion on movies and tv is utterly useless. He say's every adaptation of his is great, he thought the new IT remakes and the Pet sematary remake was incredible. He thought Kubrick's the shining (one of the greatest films of all time) was trash. Be prepared for this movie to bomb.

  7. King liked it? It probably sucks. Also, 'Rose the Hat?…Oooo…spooky! Is that, 'Harry the Hat,' from Cheers' niece? (I'm assuming Harry the Hat was Homosexual and had no biological children of his own) : (

  8. The movie looks great and apparently is great but that's not what this comment is about. Its absolutely irrelevant and possibly even pointless but I'm gonna point it out anyways. THE MOVIE HAS A RWBY POSTER CAMEO!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  9. To be fair, Stephen King also praised the Dark Tower… That was horrible and not even close to being something that felt like his books.

  10. This is such a relief. I've been hyped for this movie since it was announced, but most people I know have been a bit more sceptical. I don't have to worry so much now, and i'm very excited to be able to experience a film like this in cinema.

  11. The shinning is my favourite novel of all time, and as much as I liked doctor sleep, I felt that it fell apart a bit in the final chapter. The movies final act will have to be dramatically different though, (as it's a direct sequel to Kubrick's movie and not the book) and this could be a good thing.

  12. Has any of these early screenings ever had negative reviews? Didn't Gemini Man have glowing reviews to land with less than a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes?

  13. I have a bad feeling this movie will bomb hard, and I do not want it to. I am wondering about the studio's marketing on this movie. I did not hear about this movie from anything having to do with Doctor Sleep. I was watching a recent Youtube vid on The Shining and at the end of the video the narrator mentioned the screen adaptation of this sequel. I then looked it up to see that neither trailer even hit 500k views. Although some of the Shining vids here on Youtube have millions of views. I think Doctor Sleep looks great and would love to see the grown up life of Danny.

  14. Mike Flannagan has yet to miss the mark, honestly… ALL his horror movies are of such intense, mindblowing quality (and series – Haunting of Hill House) that I doubt Doctor Sleep is anything but amazing.

  15. gotta make sure it's woke enough! make sure it has strong female characters! maybe throw in a cute black girl…… yay.. can't wait!

  16. Liked the book a lot and this is the only movie I've been waiting to see in 2019 besides "Avengers: Endgame"!

  17. There are certain characters so embracing that after the movie or book ends,  one will wonder what would become of them. Doctor Sleep sounds very fulfilling of the questioning.

  18. Can you really trust anything critic's say about movie's these day's when they all are paid Leftist reviewer's instructed to say positive thing's about the industry product's, with possibly Looper included?! It's all about the money and getting the ignorant unwashed masses to the box office to make them rich, truth and honest assessments be damned!

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