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  1. I was talking with my sister about this whole plastic surgery theme. I would maybe do some minor chnages, like the shape of my eyes (I find them too tiny and they kinda go down, like puppy eyes) and correct one side of my mouth, who is higher than the other side. These imprefections aren't really noticeable but I would definetly be more confident if I changed them! I love this video, keep the good job! <3

  2. Why plastic surgery for every minor „flaw“? Bangs who are feathered out to the jawline could solve both imperfections. But perfect is boring, just be you! ☺️

  3. I subscribed to you since 30k subs but I never really payed attention to your forehead tbh 😂💙

  4. Thank you for posting this. Now I see how crazy Koreans are with symmetry. The difference between both of your jaw lines is not even prominent, like, at all. And you forehead is NOT excessively wide. It's pretty, like that of Alexis Bledel's. You're gorgeous, bella. Period.

  5. Era necesario hacer ese análisis de si esta chica es bonita o no? Obviamente que NO. XD Por favor…si ella se siente insegura sobre su aspecto que le queda al resto :V por que independiente de los gustos de cada uno, uno la ve y sabe que tiene bonitas proporciones independiente del color o la raza. Objetivamente y científicamente ella es hermosa y no tiene de que preocuparse. Solo vine a ver si lo que decía el titulo era cierto. Pero eso, sirve para ratificar que en corea la observación y la obsesión con la belleza "ideal" es casi que enfermiza.

  6. Wow this video made me love you more than I already did, you opened up and showed you as a person, I mean with human feelings, insecurities, and your perception about your physical appearance despite you are really beautiful ❣️ you are such a lovely and beautiful person 💖💖💖💖💖

  7. Everyone in comments saying that v shape javline looks unnatural, bad, alien, overrated. And I have naturally have v jawline, this comments makes me feel insecure, is it that bad?

  8. I've been to both Seoul and Beijing, I'm female and I'm from Cyprus. I'm not someone who is extremely beautiful, I'm just average. Countless times (more so in Beijing) I very frequently was told how big my eyes were and how pretty I was when I went into random shops. When I was taking the metro, people kept on outright staring at me and kept on doing so even if I stared back at them. It made me really uncomfortable.

    After a while it felt like I was being treated like I'm just a nice looking decoration and not a person. It made me upset also because it felt like the way I was complimented sometimes came at the expense and reflected the insecurities of the person who was complimenting me.

  9. People are upset with the doctors for pointing something out without realizing that she asked them to. When she asked they were shocked and the guy complimented her and was very careful even saying that yes this can be fixed but it’s fine because there’s also beauty in it.

  10. I think that creating this video was a great idea cause it opened up how the vast majority of people in south Korea want to “fix their imperfections” due to the plastic surgery companies and media baiting people using their own insecurities. In my own opinion, I’m not against plastic surgery. I just prefer the unique way someone looks with their imperfections. I think that before getting plastic surgery, you have to make sure you love yourself already. Because getting plastic surgery, won’t change the fact that you don’t love yourself internally. Self care comes from within : ))

  11. In my opinion no one is ugly everyone is beautiful in their own way and and love sees beauty of heart and we should stop comparing and should be appreciating someone's talent .

  12. When you look at every feature you have by itself you can find a lot of imperfections in it and you won't be happy about it, but if you look to your face overall you'll find that all of them complete each other. I'm kinda insecure about my lips and I know that doing them isn't something hard, but when I look at them with my nose, eyes, and the shape of my face I think they suit me better than fuller lips. For me, I think it's normal to have one side of your body different from the other. And I believe that if you visit another doctor, they will point at other things and tell you that you need to fix them.

  13. V-line isnt all it is ctacked up to be. I legit have no jawline – I can trace my jaw to my ear without hitting an angle. I neved had surgery, it is just the way my face is.
    I get double chin very easily just looking dowm slightly. My face looks super long too. Bloat shows up very easilt in my cheeks just cause there is lack one bone structure there.
    If I'm not super thin with tight skin, my jawline is barely visible. People with prominent jawlines don't have to worry about their chin melting into their neck with a little bloat from a large meal

  14. Yeah it's taken me 18 years to even get used to my face. Sometimes I can't even believe its mine. It's an ok face. Wouldn't change it because then I couldn't have my own face anymore…

  15. I can not see the uneven jaw line on you. Even tho I know everyone’s is uneven, mine is and I notice mine all the time but I just don’t see it on you, your face looks pretty symmetrical to me

  16. The surgeon said to my face my nose is the one who really ruining my beauty and he offer me to do a plastic surgery
    ( didnt he know im only 14 gosh )

    (my parents didnt know about this)

  17. Your beautiful no matter what happen you dont need to change your self just because of their bad mouth your not ugly your very very beautiful

  18. You are so beautiful , first time I saw you I was shocked about your beautiful and normal face you have without any surgery, so hmmm I think I wouldn’t been socked if I saw you with plastic surgery so I think that your face is so beautiful so you haven’t damage it with something Abnormal

    This is what makes you special your normal and beautiful face ❤️

    That’s my opinion 🌸🌺

  19. I think that telling someone: your face needs to be fixed, like this is wrong, that looks bad…. it’s just fucked up. and the fact that these companies have been sending you some offers to do some plastic surgeries…
    Why does everyone have to look like a perfect alien? Why the society won’t stop telling people that they are not beautiful enough, that they don’t fit these unrealistic standards? I think that the most beautiful thing in this world is just loving yourself, and being yourself. And it’s just hard these days, because you are told that you are full of flaws and that you are not good enough.

  20. It's Korean culture to comment about your looks which is considered very rude in other countries. What's beautiful in Korea isn't so beautiful in other countries. I think you are beautiful as you are. If you want to change your jawline, you can easily do that with simple makeup.

  21. wow he seemed very nice, though Ive heard stories about Regen … bad reviews are officially not allowed in korea and will be taken down, but deleted messages/reviews are of course still going around lol. my chinese aribnb roommate went to Regen but just for a very small surgery so I cant tell if it was good or not.
    anyway, I dont think that you need a surgery at all, but if you decide on doing one, contact me. I will tell you which places are safe (or well, have less bad cases than others lol)

  22. it would be interesting if you went to america and did the same thing, the surgeries they recommend for your face would probably be different

  23. Koreans have horrible standards, their surgery chin is always like an alien… awful… maybe you could change your mandibular left side for example to get more simetric sides, but why cut your bone lower arch? Is not big it's fine, it's totally normal and cute, that is a nonsense

  24. I wouldnt suggest the vline bec the round face is charming too. Maybe if the jaw can just b symmetrical with the other jaw its ok. But without it ur pretty already

  25. Everyone reading this, you are stunning just the way you are. Looks arent the only thing that matters. Dont ever feel like you have to change something about you to please someone else, they're not worth it. If you are gonna do plastic surgery, make sure you are doing it because you want to❤️

  26. Do ppl really can’t get the point? Every country has its standards and every creature, has their flaws. Sure, we technically can fix almost everything we want but is it so necessary? Even such a beautiful girl has “something that can be done better”, yet she clearly doesn’t need it.
    I’m not against plastic surgery, I simply believe that we should be a little more focused on our inner self, than on those defects we see in the mirror.
    Once that you’re balanced and conscious and “awaken”, then you can move your attention on whatever makes you uncomfortable about the body you’re living in.
    But I bet one thing: once that you’re so luminous inside, 99% of the insecurities will be gone without the help of a surgeon.

    If someone asks me what real beauty is, I would say that everything is beautiful in its own way and that the question they’re actually making me is “what’s attractive?” which is a different thing.
    I would answer that there’s nothing more attractive than a conscious soul that properly takes care of themselves and of their biological machine, in order to keep it as healthy as possible, whatever it’s condition is.

  27. I'm sorry but what did you expect going to plastic surgery clinic? It's literally the doctor's job to advice you on what you could possible get fixed on your face

  28. the main difference between America and Korea in my eyes, is that the American modeling industry focuses a lot on natural (unique) beauty (theirs a big problem with inclusivity in regards to skin tones + body types) but overall compared to Korea I can appreciate the Americas efforts to improve inclusivity in the modeling industry. Whereas in Koreans all want to aim for the same look (most of the time)

  29. it's kind of strange to look at a face with a scan of the bones, like it's an object which has to be strictly symmetrical… every bone in the body is differently shaped an therefore especially a face will always be slightly unsymmetrical… i think that's what makes everyones face special
    you are very pretty btw and i love your style! just discovered your channel and i love it so far <3

  30. Gosh, I can't understand how a plastic surgeon could say you need things to improve when you are young and beautiful. I feel pity for those South Korean women who think plastic surgery will bring them happiness and success…it might for a bit…but at the end they will victims of this beauty pressure. Good for you for staying away!

  31. wow them doctors are brutal there. When he's like meh its ok its ok like wtf. I could not imagine what he would say about my face be like you need a whole new face lets start again. Your face is so perfect im suprised he could find anything. I hear they are very very particuar there.

  32. I mean this whole thing about your face features being perfectly in sync is so off;people with such faces look pretty but just so forgetable kind of way…I mean maybe the mind reminds you by this features that aren't in sync & that's why these kind of faces won't be forgotten easily & might even look attractive to the eye…

  33. I will only say one thing: beauty is diversity. In Spain we say that beauty is in the eye of the one who looks. Korean society have an insane concept of beauty and perfection.

  34. For many years i've been insecure about my nose, i tried to love myself as i am now but it is hard because i feel like everybody notices the flaws of my nose because its the center of my face…. in 2 weeks i'm having a nose job and hopefully everything turns out incredibly well. I do think that will change my life completely.

  35. It was so sad to hear that you’re insecure because you’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen, no joke. Stay happy! 🙂

  36. Beauty really (really!) is within… It's in finding that piece of oneself everyone is searching for – and living in complete peace and harmony until the end of life.

  37. I have a big forehead and a baby face too. I found your channel by chance in the youtube feed and I thought “wow she looks like me”. it’s actually great to see someone with face features like mine, since every model/actress/youtuber/influencer seems to follow a certain standard nowadays. you know, it’s just good for representation sake to see someone different than the usual model. I think you’re beautiful.

  38. Plastic surgery is a business. They want money. They make people feel bad about their faces to make $ because they know people can have very low self esteem 🙁

  39. It doesn't fit me in the head, as it is that they can find a single defect to this woman, she is so but so beautiful!
    I have a lot of flaws, if it were there they would probably want to change my whole face, so Sissel don't feel ugly or you have to change something, you are extremely beautiful (I would like to be like You) lots of love and happines honey 💛

  40. I visited a plastic surgeon to ask what he would change in my face. Now I have a different but beautiful face. I wonder how I would look without plastic surgery…I had a nosejob, my chin has been defines (jawline), I had a mini lifting and lipo.

  41. Why must we conform to society's beauty (or other) standard when instead society could accept us for how uniquely beautiful we are? For anyone out there who has insecurities, why would you change yourself when you are already beautiful? Would you ever tell your best friend, "You will finally be happy when the surgeon fixes your (ugly) face?" If we are our best friend, would we say that to ourselves? We all have insecurities, and we all have those mean voices, and yes, society has those same insecurities that project them back to us. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Easier said than done, for sure, but possible.

  42. Ok listen…. THEY NEED MONEY… EVEN IF THEY DON'T… They will ask you to get as many procedures as possible… it's basic marketing technique.

  43. You look so beautiful and you definitely don't need any work done to your face. It's the little imperfection that makes the face looks interesting and perfect. Love you video!

  44. The thing i am insecure about is my nose it's sharp and i like more smaller nose like indonesians/koreans but i love it the way it is and i will never change it dear girls you are all beautiful in your own way don't let others make you feel inferior greetings from Pakistan❤💚

  45. I guess the customers who saw her at the center would be like: “.Yep! I definitely need this.“ 😂😂 Seriously to be honest, sometimes imperfections makes a beautiful natural looking face. I see women with perfect features but they just don’t seem ‘attractive’ but women who have a not perfect nose that goes well with the rest of her features look attractive and that beauty can last. IMO your forehead with your innocent eyes makes u look cute, unique and stand out from girls who has similar features.

  46. I don't have a fair white skin, my nose is flat, and I'm fat. Also, nobody compliments me but that's fine. I'm good with being ugly. lol

  47. I have a bigger jawline than her and my chin is also much longer but not that long you are thinking but I am also insecure about it but never think to change it in anytime of my life because that was me since I was born and I also love my face and self even though it is not perfect like what the korean standard. If I saw her I will not suggest her to change anything about her face because she is beautiful with her imperfections. All of as was not perfect but the korean beauty standards add more insecurities to the people who believe in their standard because example they believe that if you have v shape face it is perfect but in the reality beauty is still in the eye of the beholder so do not feel insecure about yourself, your face, just be proud and love it because our face is also a gift from our God.

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