Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…..

Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…..

– Why do implants hurt? Why would an implant hurt? What makes it a painful process? And I think that’s
probably one of the things most people think about
when they’re contemplating if I’m gonna replace a missing
tooth with an implant is, you know what, having a
screw drilled into my head, not into that, so not
gonna get an implant. So they go without a tooth
there, because the fear of the pain, that’s part of it. Another part might be that
you’re not aware of the damage that’s caused when you don’t have a tooth where you used to have one. Obviously, there’s going
to be some shifting, and then there’s going to have, so the tooth behind will shift forward, and the tooth above will shift down, so those are the two
main things that happens when you are missing a tooth. The other thing that might
occur when you’re missing a tooth would be the imbalance. So I relate it to a vehicle. If you had an 18-wheeler
truck going down the highway, and I took away a couple
of the the wheels, it would still get down
the highway just fine as long as they’re obviously
not the front two that steer, but if I took them away,
it would still be able to transfer the load. Now if you take that same
vehicle and fast forward 10, 20 years without having that balance, there’s gonna be a lot of problems. Abnormal wear, and damage to
the structure of the vehicle, our mouth is no different. So if we’re missing
teeth, there’s gonna be a real concern, a real
issue with the balance and health of our existing teeth. So, there’s kind of the
case for why you would want to replace a missing tooth. So they’re kind of holding off
on maybe getting an implant because of fear, or you’re
not fully understanding some of the consequences
of missing a tooth. We’ll also show how I can
help you significantly here at Innovative
Dental to avoid the pain commonly associated with
an implant procedure. So to help explain that, when
you typically are placing an implant, you would be placing it with a free-hand approach,
where you’re visualizing the tissue, and you’re
gonna place the implant with just vision and feel, and when you do that, you’re
gonna have to obviously be able to see what you’re
placing your implant into. So the dentist, oral
surgeon, periodontist, whoever’s placing that implant
is going to make an incision on the ridge of your
bone, and they’re gonna reflect back the tissue. When they reflect that
tissue away from your bone, now that tissue obviously has to re-heal back to the bone. That is why the post-op
discomfort and pain from an implant might be so severe. It’s why you might want
to have a procedure where you’re sedated, you’re put under, because it’s gonna be a longer process, it’s gonna be more invasive,
and then the recovery is more painful. So Innovative Dental
prides ourself on using the latest technology and
techniques to help avoid these things that are
really keeping people from experiencing the benefit
of modern-day dentistry. So, and obviously replacing
the tooth and getting healthy. So this piece of technology right here, pretty slick, right, you can
put your head in the middle of this, and it rotates around. You may have seen something
like that at your dentist, and maybe your dentist does have this, but most don’t, that
device might be called a panoramic x-ray. It really just takes a
two-dimensional picture of your jaw. This is a three-dimensional image, so much like a CAT scan that you might get at a medical facility, this
can take a one-pass image and get a 3D image of your jaw. The 3D image that we can
get with this machine is allowing us to visualize the bone. And now that we can visualize the bone, there’s no need for that incision. No need for the incision
means next to no bleeding during the procedure. We literally make a small,
little tissue punch, something similar to a three-ring binder, so if you’ve ever seen one
of those, a little punch like that, it’s about that big, and it’s about that small, and it works perfectly at giving us access to place the implant. Since we already know
what the bone looks like, we can use a guide to place that implant exactly where we want it
with precision, safety, it’s very quick, and it’s painless, and you’re gonna be like,
painless, come on man, you can’t place an implant painless. Well, if you may or may
not even need Tylenol that evening, I would
consider that painless. And for most of our patients,
almost all of our patients, that is what they will
explain as their experience. After doing over 450
implants, I can tell you with certainty that
our patients experience next to no discomfort, post-op pain, because of this process of
guided implant placement. So hopefully this was useful. Implants can hurt, but they don’t have to here at Innovative Dental. Well I hope this video was useful, and helps you understand
how we can help you with your smile and take
away the pain often thought and associated with getting an implant. If you’d like to see
more of what we are about here at Innovative Dental,
please give us a call at 417-889-4746. You can also go to our
website at idspringfield.com. We would love to communicate with you on our Facebook or YouTube page. You can leave a comment,
we like to hear more about if this is helpful, or
what other interests you might have about
some more video topics that might help you understand dentistry. And be sure to like and share
this so that more people can be educated on what would help them with maybe a missing tooth and an implant provided by computer-guided
implants at Innovative Dental.

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  2. Does that machine give a view of what's called a cone beam scan? I'm asking because my periodontist mentioned it, however my insurance does not cover a cone beam scan.

  3. Dental implants aren't expensive. It's just that complainers don't WANT to PAY for dentistry! They want to travel, buy new cars, TVs and spend money on anything other than healthcare. I can't imagine how many people would not see a physician if they had to pay, instead of using "insurance." Dental implant do NOT hurt, most of the time, if done by trained professionals, like periodontists, who have 3 more years of education and training than other dentists who are placing implants. Naming this video this way is a disservice to trained implant surgeons.

  4. This guy is speaking the truth. 3D imaging makes all thebm difference with implants. I recently (11/21/19) got the 3-on-6 procedure done on both upper and lower jaw. Six implants in each and my primary complaint is getting used to my temporary dentures. I literally cannot tell I got implants.
    Anybody scared of the pain, or procedure, just bite the bullet and do it! Your life will be SO much better after I cannot express that enough.

  5. They don’t hurt . I am a dentist and I have had implants myself and I do them on my patients and they do not hurt as much as you think.

  6. I wish I could come to you At the age of 48-49 I’ve been on disability. I had perfect large extra white teeth. I was known for my smile besides other things. One day I bit into an apple and my front tooth snapped off to where the whole tooth would have to be replaced. I went to affordable dentures We didn’t have insurance to help cover plus we are low income so my mom-in-law helped But when I went to the place the dentist said all my teeth had to be pulled. He said they would all break cause of brittleness. So made a appointment and he took out all my top teeth out at one time the a few days later all my perfect looking bottom teeth. I couldn’t even look in the mirror and after 6 yrs I still can’t look at myself without my upper dentures in. I’ve had jaw bone splinters working their way thru for around 5 yrs. I still have upper and especially lower tooth aches. Now the worst thing is when he extracted all my bottom teeth he broke off some of my jaw bone along with my teeth. I had a 3D ex-ray done about 2 yrs ago. I went to a person in California/Mexico boarder who is known as a holistic dentist. My friend was getting the infection out of her gums because of root canals. She was so sick and that’s what made her sick. Well the dentist gave me a complimentary 3D x-ray and it showed that I have quite a bit of infection in the upper gum bones 80% was infected. My lower jaw was very torn up. The affordable denture dentist completely exposed one of the Trigeminal nerve on my left side and partially exposed the right. I’ve never been able to wear my bottoms cause the pain was so sever. Even when I healed the dentist gave me new bottoms and my face would become inflamed and the pain was so bad I wanted to die. Besides my health problems and already fighting sever depression and anxiety, this trauma had compounded it 10 fold. I gained 80lbs and was almost 300lbs and only 5ft tall. I’ve become a recluse, panic attacks are pretty sever. I don’t laugh and can’t do public speaking. Going from a beautiful smile and able to be around others and at least emotionally stable around before this happened to now it’s hard to talk to anyone in public let alone laugh plus dealing with painful headaches and tooth aches has made me more disabled. My lower jaw has shifted a toward the right and the side of my mouth looks a lil droopy and it make me look like I had a mini stroke. I don’t know maybe I did have one. We had bought premium dentures that were made of ceramic. With the plan I get a second pair free. But I can’t have the same kind of bottoms plus my lower gums/jaw is so small now I don’t think I will be able to keep my bottoms on plus they are so tender. I’m scared to get implants due to exposed nerve and the damage they done to my mouth. This has affected my nutrition and my health drastically. I miss being able to eat an awesome salad or bite into a juicy steak ect No enjoyment eating and I very rarely go out to eat. Because of the extra pain and mental anguish I had been put on a lot of dangerous pain and depression meds I was bed bound on oxygen for several years afterwards. I was on high dose of fentanyl high doses of hydrocodone sleeping pills plus 10 others. I had even tried to commit suicide 3 yrs ago I took enough stuff to kill an elephant with a bunch of vodka. But after 36 hours I woke up. At first I though I can’t do anything right including dying. I had hit rock bottom. But after the anger and shock wore off I stopped drinking. Got off Fentanyl patch and all my narcotics another meds by myself I am on three meds now and hoping to get off those soon I have applied for my medical marijuana card so I can get off adderal which I already don’t take as much as prescribed. The tramadone for sleep Xanax for my panic attacks I only take those when needed. Plus lost 65lbs I’m in Jacksonville Florida.
    And I’m 55 now. Is there anyway to fix my mouth?

  7. Hi sir I trust your opinion and what to know your opinion. I have just had 2 root canals done I feel no pain they just got a temporary crown. Now the tooth next to it has a decent cavity but ive never experienced tooth pain, a few days after I got my temp crowns my tooth next to it is VERY sensitive and if my other teeth bump into it when closing my jaw it hurts pretty bad. Is this normal or what would you think it is. I just noticed this today it's been maybe 3-4 days since my second root canal procedure. Should I go to another dentist because this guy is only going to tell me to do more root canals whether I need them or not

  8. i’m praying and praying and praying that I can afford to see you one day for my teeth. I keep having one problem after the other and it’s causing depression

  9. Am a boxer lol I prefer having dentures after a full mouth extraction just last year. Implants will just mess my mouth up big time especially with that metal sticking out lol

  10. Is it possible to put back the tooth on the right position? like for example I have a tooth that’s going down because there is no tooth supporting on the down part.

  11. I paid $1350 to remove the tooth.
    $3650 for the implant plus another $1600 for the crown. That's over $6000 dollars for just one tooth treatment. Mine doesn't hurt at all, only my wallet 💵

  12. So i had a dental implant put in a couple months ago (crown placement) and it’s actually hurting…. when i chew and obviously even worse when i press on it…. this is super concerning. I contacted my dentist but would love to hear your opinion

  13. Can I get dirty cheap extraction ortho reversed with expansion at 63yrs & 4 premolar implants some scum dentist extracted one premolar 1972 without ortho referral all swayed across

  14. Wow these prices are outrageous… I live in Spain and paid 2,000euros for 1 implant and needed a bone transplant, no pain what-so-ever. It would be cheaper to come to Spain twice and get it done and still have money left in your pocket.

  15. I have some bad teeth. I need at the very least 4 implants in the front. I still have the teeth but they are in poor shape. Can dental implants be done all at once? Like i go under you pull those teeth out and install the implants and i wake up with new teeth? As far as pain im in pain already lol I don't think it can get much worse.

  16. Awesome video, thanks Dr!!
    I would love a single implant but im actually nervous..its all the way behind my "canine tooth" and my husband thinks its unnecessary since the space is rather small but i have been self conscious about it since i got braces on in high school and my orthodontist yanked the tooth out suddenly saying he just saved me 500 bucks…i was in shock😫
    He later explained that my adult tooth for that particular tooth had never come in so what he pulled had no real root…it was just there (not rotten or anything actually im good health) but said it had to go since we were going to be closing my little gaps and teeth would be shifting…
    Now im 33 and my teeth are straight healthy and i wear my retainer religiously but with our upcoming ceremony…im feeling like a minor adjustment would improve my smile..i think adding the implant would be nice but worry about scratching where it doesn't itch.
    The empty space to allow the implant is rather small for a full size tooth so i wonder if they would shave down the other teeth around and do composite then put in the implant..or would they use a painful spacer to push my molars back to give the empty space more "space" to comfortably fit an implant..
    I also worry about infection or bone issues, gums receding, color changing of faux tooth..later on in life.m
    My question is which route would you choose, and do you even think its worth it to move forward with this as it is just for looks and not function…
    And the placement of the implanted tooth is the tooth directly behind the canine tooth is that a risky tooth to implant (meaning it obviously serves a function but would that area give me issues later on since it helps me tear my food and masticate)..
    I hope i was clear.
    Thank you for your time
    Ps: how does the office accommodate out of town patients?

  17. I've gotten the first part of the procedure done, where they drill the screw inside my jaw . but I haven't gotten the implant placed yet due to financial struggles … I stopped smoking because of the pain it caused …. should I be worried ? I cant really afford to finish the procedure and now really concerned on what to do next 😪

  18. Sadly, only wealthy people can afford implants. $40k for all-on-4s is just not reachable for most of us. I look for the day to come when ALL Healthcare insurances cover implants because they are ❤healthy the same as exercise & stress relief in our lives are now. My son will benefit. I will be long gone.

  19. Strategic implants + crown in Colombia (no need graft bone, really for people with jawbone atrophy) and no extra cost for tooth extraction) for 1100 us $. This implant and definitive crown in zirconium in 72 hours. Bogota is only 3 hours direct fligth from Miami!

  20. You also missed one of the key things on why people don't get implants is because it cost thousands of dollars just to get one it's a luxury that's a huge percent of Americans cannot afford

  21. My implant didn't have any significant pain, except in my wallet. Had a 13-year old root canal go bad, the endodontist said he could do the root canal again for a 50/50 outcome, or he had the "permanent solution", the implant. So I signed up for the time and the cost of the implant, but hey it's permanent! Whoops, not quite four years later my permanent solution is gone and I'm heading to the implant specialist to do some laser treatment that may or may not work, another $750 down the commode. Bacteria eating away the bone.

    So be warned, when your endodontist doesn't want to do a silly little root canal and instead sells you the bullshit of the implant "permanent solution", maybe give the root canal another 5 or 6 tries. At least get a second opinion or two before your tooth gets yanked forever.

  22. My dental implants never hurt. Never. 90 days before they can put crown on it. Dental is to expensive. I think in the future it will come back to bite you people. Its robbery, god is watching.

  23. I just recently started to watching you! I wish I saw you before! You are a great source of information! ( I am a case like no other! 30 years old, every single tooth had work done ✅ bunch of crown that I done 3 years ago I am just in process of changing 😂 I am looking for reason why my teeth are so week. I did always take good care of them …. I think I would be good study case on bright side of all of this

  24. My dentist told me I would only need one day off, after she offered me a free implant last week. I was 11 hours away from town but drove in, as she explained I had to be there the next day to qualify for the “4,000 gift.” She had to replace the titanium pile 3 or 4 times as she did not like where it was placed. I was stitched up SOOO tightly. The next day my face is so swollen and this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I do not take pain meds and was told this is something I could make it they without them. How in the hell am I supposed to do that?!

  25. Sure pain might be a factor, but for alot of people, how about the fact that Dentists charge exhorbitant prices for good dental care… Simply cant afford it… Id be willing to bet thats far more the issue than the temporary pain your talking about. And before you comment about getting loans or financing or some other hustle like that, if people cant afford it up front, most might not be able to afford another monthly charge that can amount to a car payment. Otherwise, more people would be walking around with these perfect smiles you talk about.

  26. I got 4 implants and paid top dollar but after 4 months one failed and came out the rest are painful inflamed and numbed my chin and my lower lip. Very experience oral surgeon did the implants and he does not know why all that is happening, be careful people, it’s not just expensive, it’s so scary and frustrating when it goes wrong

  27. Roughly, what kind of expense would a full upper and lower set of teeth set on four post top and bottom, cost ball park figure?

  28. Going in for the all on 4 next week, I’ve been wanting veneers or implants for years, the cost for both is unreal but ultimately I decided on implants because I’m sick of going in for root canals and constant ongoing treatments. In addition it seemed that in the long run implants are less expensive, but trust me still NOT CHEAP or even something most could afford they can range anywhere from $30k all the way up to $90k so for what I’m paying I better have a Hollywood type smile. Btw not going to this dentist just want to make that clear so I can’t comment on his ability, I’m having my procedure in a different state.

  29. Hm… I don’t know what to say.. hundreds of implants I’ve placed since 2004… with or without flaps, most patients say not much pain.. Maybe the cost..? 😢😢

  30. I just had all my teeth extracted Nov 7, 2019. I now have regular dentures. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008 and I've lost my teeth since I never had the money to fix my teeth at the time. I'm 32 tomorrow (Dec. 30, 2019) and I want either a Overdenture (mini implants) or an implant bar. I'm terrified of losing my jaw bone because I don't have teeth now. I had my work done at a dentist on Sunshine and Kansas Expressway (I live in Springfield).

    At my 3 month mark, I'm wanting to talk about implants. I just don't know what the cost is going to be.

    I'm thinking of making a YouTube video about my teeth journey now and making updates as I go. Hopefully I can strike a chord with people who have bad teeth now, or have had gastric bypass or thinking about having it, or maybe someone is in my shoes and have both struggles… I'm pretty sad right now. I'm hoping implants will help.

  31. I just had IX implants in my lower jaw it was one of the most painful I was sedated but I started have apnea episodes so they had lower the amount of sedation given.

  32. Ya well the thought of a several SCREWS drilled into your jaw sounds very hurtful ..
    I’d rather go without a tooth thank you ! SEVERE PAIN ?? Not worth 20 – $40,000 no …. perhaps a younger person with strong health & good bones .. but anyone already with low bone density .. you guys would know that ..

  33. Teeth trouble by Bacteria . So where come from Bacteria ? Then we know so we kill all of them . The Bad created human blood type O more than 1,000 years ago in many dozens Earth in this Solar system . Then The Bad changed human blood type O from out look monkeys to Bacteria then brought them into this Earth . So human blood type O are Bacteria .

  34. I got a dental implant 6 years ago. I was fully awake, no drugs beyond regular freezing. I did not feel a thing. Bone has no feeling or nerves.

  35. Now you know it's not pain people are worried about. It's price. If dental work was affordable, more people would have it done. Even with insurance most people can't afford it.

  36. tortured soul so true. I have 8 teeth I need pulled and fixed and have to sell my house so I can move to Mexico to get taken care of….hopefully in 2020

  37. I have a gap between my two front teeth and missing two molars. I'm about to extract another this weekend. It is impossible to eat sometimes and I do choke a lot due to not chewing the food good enough. Wish I can afford implants. Pain is not a problem.

  38. The ONLY thing stopping most folks getting implants. IT costs way too MUCH. You could buy a new car or take your FAMILY on vacation.

  39. What are your thoughts on zirconia or ceramic implants as oppose to titanium? I like your views and thoughts on all your videos . I need full upper fixed bridge may get full lower bridge also I am in New Jersey considering zirconia implants because I have nerve damage . Let me know if your think zirconia implant would be strong enough for zirconia bridge . I would use 6 implants

  40. Heartbreaking to see so many people suffering with thier teeth as i am also but so very heartwarming to see that 2 people were blessed by the giveaway that was a generous thing for this Dr to do i have not heard of this anywhere else WOW! it made me cry joyful tears 😁

  41. Heartbreaking to see so many people suffering with thier teeth as i am also but so very heartwarming to see that 2 people were blessed by the giveaway that was a generous thing for this Dr to do i have not heard of this anywhere else WOW! it made me cry joyful tears 😁

  42. I want new teeth so badly. 😞 I took terrible care of them as a child and into my teen years. I hated the way the toothbrush felt against my teeth and consequently developed a severe phobia of brushing. I feared brushing my teeth would cause them to fall out since I went so long without brushing or flossing. This lasted well into my early twenties. Now in retrospect, I've since discovered that I am Autistic and had an aversion to brushing because of sensory issues; Autistic people have great difficulty with certain tactile qualities. My lack of oral care is 100% my fault but it felt validating to recognise where my extreme phobia originated from. Fast forward to today and I take great care of my teeth; except the damage has unfortunately already been done. I am an aerialist as well as a freelance model and I fear my career will be kaput soon once my bottom front teeth fall out. I wish to get implants and persue dentistry as a career. I'm familiar with the fear patients encounter and would be fantastic at easing them through their worries. I have no idea where to begin in this process of fixing my smile. It's helpful to atleast talk about it on here, where I won't be judged. Thank You for your content it is helpful!

  43. I just got an implant today which cost me $1200 with insurance. The surgery is relatively painless because of the Novocain but boy it’s been 12 hours and I I’m excrutiating pain. Even pain killers are not helping. I’m calling my dentist in the morning I wondenifnita normal or if he pinched a nerve by going too deep. The X-ray looked great though.

  44. Please help me with a free smile. I have a sad sad story and it's hard to turn it around when I can't smile.

  45. I am 22 years old and I still have two baby teeth which need to be pulled and replaced with dental implants. I have a two year old daughter and while I was pregnant the baby teeth because very weak and brittle and one is starting to decay at the top so I have to get it pulled very soon. The reason for the baby teeth is because the adult teeth never came in to push them out and they ran x Ray's when i was 17 to see if I had the adult teeth at all and I dont. The baby teeth are the second teeth back from my front tooth on each side so they are very visible. But I also have a gap in my teeth so I am thinking about getting my front top 6 teeth pulled and replaced with implants to finally be able to smile and not feel insecure but I'm not sure what is going to be the best route. I hope you see my comment so you could possibly point me in the right direction or maybe tell me of a similar situation that you have seen that has had a positive outcome. When I was at the dentist last they acted as if this was the first time they have seen something like this which didn't give me a great feeling. I just hope one day I will be able to smile and feel confident and not have to put my hand over my mouth.

  46. Wish I could find a dentist like this in Canada.. Have to eight teeth pulled.. and my own dentist. Really hasn't been very forth coming with information. Just does her thing. Which so far has involved over 2000.00 worth of work. And I still can't even use my teeth to eat. Without severe pain.. it's been fun.. well not really. Seems she cares more about her paycheque most days. Than she actually cares about her patients health. After two horrible experiences with the past two dentists. I'd almost rather let them rot out of my head. Rather than to allow them to keep damaging my teeth.. but why should a dentist care.. they aren't the ones living without teeth. Eating their food through a straw. It's be really nice to find a dentist like you up here.. that atleast takes the time to explain things.

  47. I just had two implants done yesterday, before the procedure I was give 2 antibiotics and 1 pain killer, When I was done after 45 min , I was told to take 1 antibiotics in the evening and 2 a day for the next 6 days, pain killer if I have any pain. I took non of these pills, just drank lots of ginger tea and water, went to bed early at 8 pm, slept 10 hours straight and woke up painless. My treatment is done in Budapest , I needed an Extraction and two implants which cost me € 2'087.00 , but need to come back within 5 months for the final Crown.

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