Why I QUIT NURSING profession COMPLETELY | Nursing is NOT for me

Why I QUIT NURSING profession COMPLETELY | Nursing is NOT for me

Hi friend. I know you’re wondering where
have I been for many months. I carried you alone when I was moving
from United Kingdom to Canada and uh, I needed to take the break from YouTube
and concentrate and settle down. Thank you so much. All for all the
love you’ve been sending to me. I really appreciate it. However, a lot of things have changed
and part of it is this, that I’m about to tell you to
tell you why I stopped cancelled, eliminated my career in nursing. It’s a long story, but I will
try my best to shorten it. And if you are in that situation that
you are trying to figure out what career to go into or maybe you are specifically
looking into going into nursing career, please watch this video
before you go ahead. And if you’re even looking into studying
any course at all in any career, in engineering, anything
or starting a business, please watch this video because I believe
it will give you a perspective that will help you to make the best
choice for you. So let’s start, my name is Christa and
before I move forward, remember I used to be OPE in this
channel. OPE is my first name. While Christa is my second
name. So because OPE is really, really difficult for many people to call, I decided to switch into
my Christa my second . So just in case you watch other
videos and you see them in OPE. So bear with me it’s the same person.
So let’s go into the agenda of today. My nursing career, started in Finland. I moved to Finland in the year
2010 and on getting there. Nearly everybody that met me, foreigners
specifically were telling me like, wow, welcome. They’re so excited
and nice people. You know, they were telling me that, Oh girl, it’s challenging here in Finland
and Finland a great place. Everybody knows that. I had actually had an
engineering background and
worked in oil and gas company in Nigeria before moving to Finland. And obviously I knew that there
was no much oil and gas in Finland, like gas company. So I knew that I might have to switch my
career even though my longterm goal was actually like, you know, to have a
business on my own to help people, to empower people. But at that time I wasn’t thinking
big enough and however everybody was suggesting to me, you know, if
you don’t want to be a “cleaner”, if you don’t want to be a “dishwasher”
In Finland, as as a foreigner, the quote and quote professional career
that you should pursue is NURSING, and I was touched because
I really hated nursing, I respect everyone practicing nursing
but I know that I’m more into technical, analytical creativity of a person
than into, you know, nursing. It just doesn’t align
with me in fact just, the thought of being in the
hospital makes me sick, I don’t, I don’t enjoy being in the
hospital. I love people. I love to take care of people, but I
just knew that I would never be a nurse. It didn’t align with anything, if anything at all in medical field or
thinking it would be to be a medical doctor. That’s because , to study
comes easy with me. Like a cool study. I don’t really get any
Score that I want to get, I just enjoy studying and writing exams. So I would have thought,
okay, maybe medical doctor, but that’s like a “no go” area in Finland
because there was no medical career path in Finland that was taught in
English. It was taught in finish. Well nursing they still thought
in both English and finish. So however, just to jump forward, I’m grateful that it’s even going
to be medical because generally, I just don’t like to be in the
hospital so well now let’s go back. I was always telling these people
were telling me like, okay, nursing is the best thing
to do the best. And it’s, it was funny to me because
they didn’t tell one another, but everywhere I went to, it’s
just up in that as what I hear. Even if these people are
not studying nursing, they will recommend it to
you and they meant good. They really meant good and I was always
polite and say thank you so much for this advice, but deep within
me I was always like, no, I don’t like to be a Nurse. I know I’m not enoughNurse and I even
remember having a conversation with a friend in Finland then and
she told me the same thing, that she has been hearing the same thing, that she was hearing nursing or
social service that either of the two. She said she really hate it. I
said the same. I really hate it. I don’t think I can go into it. We just departed and guess what? Few years later I was admitted
into a nursing school. I wrote the exam, I excelled in
the exam. I started studying. I just don’t know how
I got myself into that. I knew that maybe there
was pressure at some point. Maybe because I didn’t have big
enough vision. I just lost it. I didn’t even know when I got
into it until I, you know, passed the exam got in starting. And
I was excited because I passed exam. For some reason it was exciting me,
you know, when you achieve something, it was exciting me. I I
couldn’t listen to myself. I wasn’t listening to myself
rather I was carried away. I was so happy because even
especially the exam at that time, people don’t find it
easy to pass. You know, you have to also have some
level of finnish language. I, I’ve learnt the language for some for
about a year, so it was like, wow, you pass. Wow. So I was carried away with
that excitement with that achievement. So studying the course now, the first
year went, I wasn’t slowing down, I wasn’t listening to myself.
I knew I was misaligned. I knew I was not myself, but I was
doing well in the class. In fact, I graduated best in the class. I just
knew that the second year I was losing it. I was tired because the second year we
were beginning to do some practical part of nursing. We were in the school. There was like a room where we practised
things the way it is in your hospital and where it beginning to
go for practical training. That was when I began to lose it.
I was just always sick in the mind, sick in my spirit. I was
just tired. I was miserable. I was frustrated and I didn’t know how
to articulate it because I was consumed with the excitements to graduate and
get good payments and start working and there was a kind of huge respect if
you’re studying nursing like, Oh, “you study nursing oh, you will never have an employment issue”
oh there was so much respect and I was just carried away with that. But deep
within me the feeling didn’t stop. My truth didn’t stop. It was just
there even though I wasn’t listening. And I graduated, I kept working
even before I graduated, I was already working as a nurse, so at some point I assistant nurse and
later as a nurse I would go to work. I loved people, I loved patient,
I worked in mental health place. I worked in like medical, like surgical.
I worked in like different places. I discovered I really genuinely love
people and I want to care for people, but just taking care of people in the
hospital just didn’t do it for me. And I believe that was one of the ways
I convinced myself into going into nursing was because I thought
I love people anyways. I care about people anyways. Maybe this
is a good way but trust me, my friend. There are many ways to care about people
that are many ways to help people. You have to pay attention to
the details of how you enjoy, to take care of people, how you enjoy
to help people. There are many ways, so in this case, I realized being in
the hospital is not just it for me, just giving an injection. I hate it.
You’ll see people sick, you know, I just want to talk to
people and people are sick. You don’t care what you are saying to
them and they don’t even want to hear you. They just want to feel better.
If it was me too in the hospital, I would just want to feel better. I don’t want any nurse to
keep on bombarding me with
talk. What is your vision? What business that is what interested
me. I just want to talk to people. What do you do? What’s your
business? What are your goals? I’m just really curious to know about
people but also taking care of them, but they are more into, you know when you are the hospital
you just to want to get well, I began to realize that this is not for
me. I’m doing this only for the money. I came to that realization, but
I was ashamed to talk about it. I couldn’t even talk to my husband
about it. But funny enough, the day I opened up to him, I was
like, I have to tell you about this. And it was like, you’ve always
been complaining you know, I didn’t know I’ve actually
been complaining out loud
for years I just thought I was complaining inside and I was
grumbling inside and nobody knew. He knew. And I found out most friends in the
class with me they knew because I didn’t know I was telling them, but I
was always just talking, you know, your truth cannot go hidden.
You would just keep saying, you just unconsciously be
talking even when you don’t know. And that was the case for me. I was always talking about
it even though I didn’t know. But people told me later we moved to
United Kingdom and in 2017 I tried that again. Then I’ve not done my certification from
Finland to UK I had to be patient for some time. I was working
as nursing assistant. The same feeling in fact many at times
I had the opportunity to go to the doctor’s office and sit down. I will
sit down and pretend like I’m a doctor. I hated that as well. I don’t know.
You can’t just, I can’t explain it. You know when you’re in the wrong
place doing the wrong thing, you just know it’s now these days I’m
able to articulate it because I’ve paid attention to what I enjoy to the
nitty gritty, like the little details, but then I couldn’t pay attention to
the little details of what I enjoy, what I love to do, what I’m
called to do, what my purpose is. I knew my purpose is not,
was not to be a nurse, but I just thought I could be a nurse
and be fulfilling purpose on the other side. My friend that works sometimes for some
people you could be doing a certain work and be doing some purpose. If they
somehow connect good. In this case, they didn’t connect. I would
feel like wasting my time. Even though I knew I wasn’t wasting
my time, I was helping people, but it felt like that to me because I
would come back home depressed, sad. In the UK, in the hospital,
amazing hospital, great places. This feeling wasn’t leaving me.
This intuition wasn’t leaving me, this inner voice, this
depression. It wasn’t leaving me. It just kept following
me everywhere I go to, as long as I was going to do
what I wasn’t supposed to do. So it got to a time I was in the
hospital one day and there was this schizophrenia patient. He
has schizophrenia, he’s
amazing. He likes talking. I think that’s one of the
reasons why I like him. And that’s one of the reason why I like
to work in Mental Health apartment, because they talk a lot and I like to
listen to them to hear their stories and when their friends come, I also
listen to them. So there was, this particular man is amazing. He
told me about his family, children. The one who was doing great, the one
who’s not. And he was telling me that, Oh, and I was very excited to know
about his family and I saw points, you just looked into me
like these. I said, Christa, in this case he said OPE I
was bearing OPE. So he said, OPE you’re such a great nurse. I think there is more to you
than being here in the hospital. Who are you really? And immediately
he just switched to his normal, you know, uh, destabilized person began to talk jargons
again after that because sometimes t hey are okay. Sometimes just go the other
way around. So immediately after that, he was just saying all sorts of jargons, things that do not correlate that do
not follow. But that word stuck with me. I went to the toilet
immediately, I pee and I’m like, today is the last day here. Anywhere, in the hospital and that was it. It took God to use him to
help me. I got home that day, I was determined. I said, I don’t know
how my husband is going to take this, but I don’t want to die
anymore. I’ve been dying. I want to stop this life. Nobody, will understand that even at work
because I was always, you know, just kind to people, happy to people,
friendly, positive. Everywhere I go to, I just always get that
feedback. You’re positive. I remember then they used to have a
review of work, I was consistently, always having five five, five five out or five every day for a
long time and that’s giving more concern. Like how was I having five out of five
as a performance at work and I’m having a zero as of five. It terms of fulfillment. It terms of joy in terms of
happiness in this career. It just gives me confusion. I
don’t know how to correlate that, but I would rather have five or even
four out of five if a fulfilment than having five out of five in performance
at work and I’m not happy inside so well this day I got to the house and
I was just, I just went to bed. I didn’t talk to anybody. The
children were sleeping anyway. It was late in the night
and that was part of the, I couldn’t see the children
go early in the morning, come back late in the night. I
was always missing the children. I was even connecting well with my husband
because of the way the timetable is. If you’re Nurse, you know, you know
what this means. Like UK for example, is 12 hours at a stretch. So it was
killing me. So I just went home. I just slept and second day my
husband was looking at me like, why is she still on the bed? Is she
not supposed to go to Work? I’m like, actually I didn’t know how to tell him. So I didn’t want to talk to him like so
much about it because I was thinking it will be defensive. And after I added
courage to eventually tell him why, I’m like, I don’t want to be a
nurse anymore. I’m tired of dying. I’m tired of, I just don’t want
to die young it’s like I’m dying. It’s like I’m going to die very soon. The way I’m going like this and it just
means he said it’s okay because you’ve been saying this for many years. I
think it’s high time for you to stop. What do you really want? And that touched me and two
of us we cried together. We were laughing about how every
time, when I was studying Nursing, every time he called me a
nurse, when I put on the nursing school uniform when I put
it on and he would be like, Oh NURSE I would cry just to hear that
someone calls me a Nurse just made me destabilized. It just made me
feel like I’m someone else. Ah, but this day, we didn’t know
what we’re gonna do next, but we just knew it was
the right thing to do. I just knew it was the right thing
to do. That no more, no more. I’m not going to be this nurse
again that I know I am not. And truly, I don’t mean to
disregard any of you who is nurse. I know the hard work that you guys do. I know the callings that you have
upon your lives. I know the efforts, nothing, nothing, can pay you enough of the efforts and
the care and the sacrifice that you make on people’s lives. So
I respect that so much. I don’t mean to disregard you
if nursing is your profession, but I’m just sharing my story. Just maybe it’s we help somebody or maybe
it’s we help you to make the decision or maybe to switch when you know it
is time to switch. After I quit, um, after some days I began
to have some dream. Like it gave me an to connect
into myself, into my creativity, even though I was having fear, okay,
are we going to do financially? I know those things, but I just knew
that I had peace, I had joy within me. So I came up with an idea a few
days after like, Hey, ID how about, since I’m a nurse, how about we start a nursing recruitment
business that I will recruit nurses to hospitals and healthcare workers in the
UK. I think that sounds interesting. My husband was like, okay, that sounds
good. So I just went and dived into it. I began to research how to set
up company in United Kingdom, out to beard business. And
I registered the company. I was all in getting people
put some team in place. I didn’t have permanent Worker. And during the process my husband
got interested and it’s like, okay, I think I would like to
join you in this business. So it was the one that
designed the website, very nice websites and
we launched the business. I began to see many nurses and healthcare
workers while looking for jobs. So they are potential candidates. They are the ones that we
recruit and send to employers. And I began to see the
same pattern in them. How these people were desperate to
get job and how didn’t you really, really like the job or because
they have to pay their bills. And that felt to me
like something is wrong. This is exactly the
place I don’t want to be. And here I am seeing all these people
going through the same day and I’m sending them to the hospital. I began to feel
discord, like incongruence. Like, okay, I don’t think this is the right business
model for me to pursue. It felt heavy. It didn’t feel right. So but, this is one of the best decisions I’ve
made in my life because I would never have thought I could start a company. I would never have thought that
I will build a business who am I? That was what I was telling myself. I
just have to be a nurse, get job getting, this revolutionalized my life. And even though I was afraid to tell
my husband because he has put a lot of effort building the website, I knew this is not a business model I
want to keep on doing because I’m seeing these people. I’m sending these people to places to
work and they’re not really happy and these are the people that I feel like I
want to help and I’m now letting them do exactly what I don’t want to do. I know that means stopping the recruitment
business will not make them stop. I didn’t even ever tell them why I
started business, how my life has been. They didn’t know, but just
felt that I’m cheating them, that it’s okay if they continued to
be their nurses, nurse assistants, healthcare workers with other people, but not with me because
I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to let other people go
through the same thing under my umbrella, the same thing I don’t want to go to. So that was what really
made me to think deep. Well before I talked to my husband. So many things to happen that made me
finally decide I’m going to stop this business. And one thing I want you to gain from
this part also is that don’t be afraid to always change your path. Don’t be afraid. What matters is to take action and the
moment you keep going and you see that this is not it, don’t be
afraid. And that same thing, that I had to learn in a hard way.
Most of the careers I’ve been taking, I just asked you decide that I can’t stop, because I was thinking that I can’t stop.
I have to finish that finish. And yes, finishing spirit is good. The
Nursing I learned a lot through it. God used it in a lot of ways to still
work things together for my good. Even though I knew I was going
against my own inner voice. Don’t be afraid to change your
paths. Stopping the business. Changing the business model was hard to
get because I was more concerned about was my husband because I
really cherish the time, the effort he has put in place and it
wasn’t happy when I had to stop it like, okay, I’m not doing this business
anymore. I am the CEO or I am the Founder, he is my co-funder to me and
he has helped me enla lots. It’s pained him. In
fact, he was like okay, he was going to continue the
business, I was like 100 represent, please continue it, but I’m all done. It was hard to explain to him why I
didn’t want to continue and at a point, you know, we wrapped up the business,
but it was the best experience for us. It was challenging but the best
experience. So I began to now search, what exactly do I want in life? I knew that I want to help people to
be the best version of themselves. I want to help people to create value. I want to help people to
heal their relationship with
money. To have abundance, especially to have abundance and to
me things that are important to me are making impact. And also money is important to me and
the reason why money is important to me that I spent a decade of
my life pursuing money, all the studies I’ve been taking as an
engineer, nursing everything was so that. You can get good jobs, get good payments and I don’t
have to do it in the wrong way. I was pursuing money in a wrong way and
I told myself I’m going to create money in the right way and I want to
make impact. I want to help people. And I know money will come too. This
is one of the reasons why money impact, fulfilment are major things that I want
to help people to on leash because they are inside of you. They are inside of me
and I am in a journey as you also are. So like I’ve achieved everything
I’ve achieved great thing. I might just be a few steps ahead of you, but I am here going through my journey
as I want to take all the people, especially women along
with me that come on baby, you can make impact in what you can
fulfill your purpose and at the same time create abundance of wealth. As many times I’ve tried to like be
distracted by this one, this niche, this version. I’m always
coming back to this same point. I’m always directed to the same point
that I wan’t to help people to live their purpose, making impact and create
abundance of money. Living their purpose, making impact. Guys, I am happy with
my life. I am joyful in my life. I don’t mind taking some side job in
my process at some point and that’s one thing I wanted to be comfortable with. If your business is not going fast as
you want, pick some job along the way. Be shameless about it. Just be sure that you calculates well
now you make the right choices that you make a good choice as regard the
job that you take in any way. Does it align with your highest goal, the skills that you have or you’re
going to use to build your own business, your own purpose. Can you
use it to serve this company? So this is how I think now, but even if I’m still gonna do
some jobs with other companies, another aside go on to help women, I am going to think critically in a way
that align with my core values in a way that align with my purpose, with
this job, does it align with me? Can I be the best version
of me in this job? Is it because of money or because I know
I know money is part of you definitely, but is it going to align with me? Am I
going to be the best version of me there? Is it going to align with my own
best vision, my own highest goal. You are important. You are valuable. You are too precious than you
are actually taking yourself. You shouldn’t just take
decisions like this job, the pay where your mom says study. Your
daddy said study this. Your sister, your auntie, your uncle. Yes. When you
are young, just have to pick some things, but now you are hearing and
listening to this video. I didn’t give myself the opportunity to
listen to this kind of story to listen to this kind of direction. In terms
of career path and business path. Please listen to yourself.
Another thing I want to suggest. Is that when you want to make a
career choice, a business choice, put your self in the environments of
those career first before you launch, you delve into five years commitment
of studying a course that you actually hate. Ask people, since I came to Canada there are some
courses that I’ve wanted to take that people have been
suggesting, and by the way, about nursing everybody
has been suggesting it too
like, Oh, nursing they get, good payments and Canada and my heart. Just smiles because I know
where I’m coming from. I
know what I’ve been through. It doesn’t move me an inch,
yes, it challenges me, but it doesn’t move me an inch. So now I want to go back to ask people
question the courses. These courses. If you study, what do you do
with it in your profession? What do you do in your business? What
do you do when you listen to them? You put yourself in their environment.
It’s we give you another an avenue, it’ll give you an opportunity to
see if you really like it or not. Sometimes go and, work for people free
one, just find a way to serve people. This we help you. Just the one month or six months that
you use to serve them will save you years of committing into it, committing money, energy and doing it and you don’t like
it. One thing is really important, my friend keep on trying things
until you find, what you really love. You don’t have to spend years like
me to discover and you do it wrongly. like me. Maybe wrongly
or rightly, I don’t know, but just know that everything
that happened to me is all right. As long as it’s helping people and to me, it’s like it’s perfect
because my ten years or 20 years wasted in
anybody’s life, in my life. If it can save someone else years, like help you to shorten it for you
for 20 days, then it’s all worths it? For me, I don’t see all
these years as as wasted. So I see it as part of my
journey, part of my purpose. And here I am sharing all these
and I hope that it helped. So it’s like I’ve been going here and
there in this video, I’m losing myself, but I just hope that you get
the intention for this video. My intention for this video is
that you listen to yourself. You do the career that aligns
with your highest goal and vision. Your core values. I’m in a Journey myself, I mean enjoying life now
because I’ve embraced growth, I’ve embraced the process and
instead of stagnancy stability, just to keep on trying, keep on trying until you find
your callings or your purpose. I remember your Purpose grows with you. So the last point I wanted to share
with you is also to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. This is major. The main why people keep doing the job
that they don’t like is because they think, who will hire them? I believe, if they start a business will the business
be successful. If they stop this job, this career, how will
I have the expertise, the commitment to go into the
next thing, to try something new? People who don’t believe in themselves, they don’t believe they can create wealth
in their own term and they can create success in their own term and they can
create for fulfilment in their own term. So they just prefer the easy route,
which is not easy. At the end of the day, easier route of study, get
a job, especially, study the courses that will help
you to get a job quickly. So you want to believe in yourself. Until I began to believe in myself and
started a business, it made me like, wow, I have team, I have
accountant, I have designer. Even my husband was like he’s going
to join me, became my co-funder, it made me like, wow, actually if you believe in your
self a step into something bigger, people will step in with you and you
will give other people opportunity to be the best version of themselves.
So believe in yourself. Failing doesn’t mean
that you’re a failure. Quitting doesn’t mean
that’s you’re a “Quitter”, it just means you’re a progressive,
disruptive person. You progress, you disrupt things and you move forward.
And that is the best life for me to me. So please guys, I love it so much and even though
this video was not the best, very organized one, but you also
hope if you have listened to me, I just over you are getting some input. And If you have any
question you need help, you need direction with your path.
Join me on Instagram, @ChristaBelloCo, the link is below and also
FIKY will put it on this video, please check it out and don’t forget to
check the link where you can discover your purpose, your business,
your purposeful business. Because to me I believe I having
a purposeful business is key. And in the next video actually I will
be talking about how to discover your purposeful business. So check that out. So thank you so much guys
for watching this video. I tried as much not to be emotional. I
hope that you bear with me. Thank you. But this is really important topic
to me and I’m glad I’m able to speak. I’m able to speak about it. I’m able to just speak about
it means so much to me, so much to me and I hope that millions
of people out there don’t make the same mistake that I make. Oh, we find this video helpful to help them
make the right choice or even at least just to proceed into your decision with
awareness that I’m trying this course. Oh, let me see how it goes instead of
this is all my life, you know? Okay, let me stop right here below this video
and I’ll put a link there I want to download that quiz guide because it will
help you to discover your purposeful business and if you are into career or
you are looking to start a business and you don’t want to just start having some
businesses that do not align with you, align with your purpose. You want to know the right path to go
as per which business really suits your, your purpose suits your core
value?. That quiz guide is for you, and I would highly recommend
that you download it and it’s, will help you love you guys and have
a wonderful time. It’s a long video, so I congratulate you for watching.
Thank you so much. I love you.

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  1. Hey friends, remember to share the videos to your friends and loved ones. We all at some point in life go through career or purpose crisis. My intention for this video is so that my story can inspire as many to not give up on finding the right career path that aligns with their purpose, and living it to the fullest with fulfilment.
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  2. After the 27th minute, I knew that you are fulfilled. Nursing is truly not for everyone. Thank God you found the courage to quit and do what you truly love.

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