24 thoughts on “Will Halstead: Doctor and Undercover Cop – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

  1. I was just thinking….the Halstead men are actually more similar than they think. They are freakin stubborn and set in their ways. Like father like sons.

  2. I don't get it.

    Jay stormed and forced Will to leave to protect him, when Olivia Benson was asking questions in 2×20 CPD

    But he's totally agree with making him a C.I and help the FBI with a real killer.

  3. This is a different situation. Will was wrongly accused then, here he actually had a chance to help take down dangerous criminal. And Jay is gonna protect Will, always. Plus, Will himself got involved in the delinquent affairs of this criminal. At first Jay warned Will
    not to take care of this ''patient''.

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